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Let me tell you about a dream!

Let me tell you about a dream born in the heart of the Aspres mountains, in a place where time seems to have stood still.

Tucked in between forests of scrub oak and chestnut trees, nestling in the greenery and surrounded by exceptional views, as you turn the bend you find a charming little village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It’s Saint Marsal, peaceful, quiet and soothing like a contented old man after a life well lived, this charming village of narrow and picturesque streets embodies in its ancient stones the history of French Catalonia.

Stroll up and down the sloping streets, drink at one of the four fountains or do your washing at the well as the villagers still do today, and if you feel like it, sit down on a bench, where an old lady will surely have a tale to tell you.

My grandfather would tell you “te tracassas pas” (take it easy) and he would be right. Here, the gentle climate and the friendliness of the villagers will win you over and the magic of the mountains will enthrall you while the sun sets gently over Spain.

Welcome to the village of Saint Marsal!

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