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The Saint Marsal Church

The Saint Marsal church proudly overlooks the village and its picturesque streets. It was first built in the 13th century. Partly dilapidated by the 1920s, it was restored in 1960.

The church has preserved a stoup in red marble dated by an inscription in Catalan inscribed around the rim: “Antoni Compta, rector de San Marsal, me he fet 1650”, or “Antoni Compta, rector of Saint Marsal, had me made in 1650”. The church also has a crucifix and seven statues which have been recently restored.

Saint Marsal church Saint Marsal church


The batere beacon

The Batère beacon tower overlooks Saint Marsal and the whole of the surrounding area. There are beautiful walks of half a day to be enjoyed with a magnificent view of the coast.

The batere beacon

The ice cellar,

Above Saint Marsal, on the track leading to the Batère beacon tower, you will find the old ice cellar. This was used at a time when the winter ice had to be kept cool throughout the summer in specially constructed underground storage space.

The ice cellar


The iron route,

The Batère iron ore deposits have been mined from before 200BC.
The iron route is the name for a collection of extant iron ore workings linked by pathways now well indicated and used by ramblers that were previously used to transport the ore to the foundries.
The ruts worn by the carts can still be seen. One of the most important ancient sites is close to the Mas de l'Oratory overlooking Saint Marsal.
In the 19th century a railway line was built at 1200 metres (4,000 feet) of altitude, linking various iron mines with the ore reduction furnace, from which the reduced ore was transported by cable down to the foundries installed along the River Tech at Arles sur Tech.
The route of the old railway line is well maintained todat for the use of ramblers, presenting magnificent views over the valley.


> Dolmens and carved stones
> Unique panorama
> Roman routes and archeological site
> Thirteenth-century lime kiln

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